Philosophy of The Crucible

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"Enthusiasm is that kindling spark which marks the difference between the leaders in every activity and the laggards who put in just enough to "get by"."
Author Unknown

My Philosophy:
I believe that it is human nature for people to gravitate towards a strong leader. I believe that when in the presence of people of stronger characters, it is nearly impossible to resist following their lead. I believe it takes a strong person to stand alone.

My personal definition of a leader: someone who people follow without realizing it; someone who does not follow the norms of society and does not care that people think they are different; someone who people cannot tear their attention away from.

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A Quick Exercise...

Answer the following questions with true or false:
1. A good leader is a good coach as well.
2. The person in charge of a unit is always its leader.
3. Leadership is primarily top - down.
4. All leaders intentionally influence people.
5. There should be only one leader in a team.
6. A leader must exert authority to command respect.
7. All good leaders have a clear vision.
8. To be a leader, you must first be a manager.
9. Leaders make decisions for their teams.
10. Leaders must be strategic thinkers.

11. Leaders must have good interpersonal skills.
12. A leader must be a good motivator.

Analyze your answers. There are no right or wrong ideas. What do your responses say about your perceptions of leadership? Do you think your answers go with or against the stererotype of a leader? Do you especially see yourself in any of the questions? Do the people that you see as leaders in your life embody the questions you marked as true? After pondering these questions, have your opinions about the definition of leadership changed?